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Мои дядья написали и выпустили в Англии книгу о Казахстане и казахах.

The Kazakhs
Children of the Steppes
Click to Zoom Image Chokan and Murat Laumulin

ISBN 978-1-905246-99-1 - 156pp.
July 2009 - Ә35.00

KEY FEATURE(S): Here is a well-informed, concise introduction to the culture and history of the vast territory of Kazakhstan, equivalent to the size of Western Europe, located at the centre of geographical Eurasia.

Written by two brothers – one a distinguished scholar and the other well known in Kazakhstan’s media – the book focuses on the Kazakh people who today make up over half the population of some 15 million. Topics covered include Kazakhstan’s historical heritage including the Soviet legacy, its geography and the national psychology, religion and culture and how to do business.
Kazakhstan first appeared on the world stage in 2001 with the opening of its oil pipeline linking its vast Tengiz oil field with the Russian Black Sea port of of Novorosslysk, and more widely popularised in 2006 thanks to the humour of British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen in his film Borat.


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    Пт, 21:47: Тёма, Леша, Ксения и Наталья https://t.co/l7TeamjUAF

  • Мои твиты

    Вс, 14:28: Про кино и перекличку между фильмами. Новый авторский проект моего племянника Максима Сонина https://t.co/0fPAr0ku1J

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    Вт, 11:53: "Не расстраивайтесь, если вас никто не замечает. Из вас может выйти отличный снайпер"

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